This repository contains a collection of icons for mods developed by DragonForge.

This includes:

Mod Icons

The repository includes a set of mod icons, which are 1:1 square images representing each mod. These icons provide a visual representation of each mod.

Mod Logos

You will also find a series of mod logos in this repository. These logos are wide images that serve as graphical representations of the mods developed by DragonForge. They can be used for showcasing the mod’s visual identity, or any other creative applications.

Renders of Various Items

Additionally, this repository contains renders of various in-game items related to the mods developed by DragonForge. These renders showcase detailed images of items and blocks and any other relevant objects from the mods.

Getting Started

To access the mod icons, mod logos, and renders of various items, navigate through the repository’s folders and subfolders. Each mod should have its own dedicated folder, containing the respective icon, logo, and renders. Feel free to explore the repository and utilize the provided assets for your mod-related projects.

Accessing contents of this repository

All assets should be accessed through

For example, using should show up like so:

HammerLib Logo

For any questions or further information, please reach out to us on our Discord server!

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